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Increasing Suicides by NEET, IIT-JEE aspirants and what parents need to do

Dear Parents

Increasing Suicides by NEET IIT-JEE aspirants and what parents need to do. Everyday we are witnessing suicides by teenagers and youth who are forced to pursue careers which they are not made for. My humble appeal to all parents. For God’s Sake..

1. Please stop comparing your son or daughter to other kids. This comparison forces kids to get into depression, mental health problems and unfortunately taking their own life.

2. Have a heart to heart conversation. Take out time to connect with them. It’s your kid. Shred your ego. Understand them from their heart.

3. This world has unlimited opportunities to earn name, fame and money beyond being a doctor or engineer. Explore what suits your child.

4. There is no Good or Bad Career. It’s only suitable or not suitable Career. Before you spend lakhs, spend a few 100s to identify their Aptitude, Personality and then let the interest develop based on the findings.

5. Please don’t force them to take up competitive exams like NEET or IIT-JEE. These are just exams. Not the end of life.

6. Many kids study in the last two months before the board exam and get big marks. These marks mislead their actual potential for competitive exam success

7. To study for NEET or IIT-JEE, the student must have the capacity to handle extreme pressure, put 10-12 hrs of hard work and consistently work hard for 20 months. See if your child can bear this pressure.

8. Most of the kids are under immense peer pressure. It’s the biggest challenge for teens. Let them know that he / she can be different and do well in life. We all have different journeys

9. It’s perfectly alright if your son / daughter does not become an engineer or doctor. He or she still has a great life to live. This world has unlimited opportunities. They will make it big !

10. Even if your kid fails in all subjects, he/she is still worth millions. You just need to figure out. For we parents, this is our duty (Farz).

Lastly, Your kid is too precious. Don’t lose him or her because you think what this society will think.

My sincere duas for the well being and happiness of every teen out there !

Ameen e Mudassar
Founder & CEO, CIGMA

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